Day 17: Langhorne Creek

***Just a quick note to say that we are doing fine on the road, and I have not been abducted (I do wish people would stop telling me I need to watch Wolf Creek!) Thought this post says Day 17, we are actually more than 30 days in to our trip. I am just often falling behind on the blog, as I’m finding it a struggle to work, drive (or navigate), see and do the things we want to see and do, and do a blog post every day, though I really enjoy writing the blog when time permits. If I go a day or two without posting, don’t worry. We have the emergency beacon should anything go seriously wrong.***

Today, we walked further into Langhorne Creek to check out the lovely heritage architecture in the town and of course to do more wine tasting. (As it turned out, there was more wine within walking distance than we thought. My kind of exercise.)

This is a B&B. I’d like to stay in it sometime.
I love a general store.
I also love wine barrels.
I just thought this tree was really funky. ⤴️

My tasting at Bremerton has been one of the highlights of the trip so far. I just enjoyed everything about it: The space was beautiful, Sam was very informative and fun to chat with (as was his cohort, Brad) throughout my relaxed tasting, and the wines were delicious. I am loving Langhorne Creek for its intimacy and friendliness. I bought a six-pack of wine (that we sent home to Adam’s mum’s house), some white wine earrings (so me!), and a T-shirt that I love (photo to come; I have my eyes closed in the one Adam took).

We’d been told that for some alternative varietals, Lake Breeze was a must-visit, so off we walked for more tasting and a long, boozy lunch. This was no wimpy walk – again, I blame Adam. It was just under an hour, 4.5 kilometres (2.8 miles). But it was really lovely with all the autumn colours, and I’m a sucker for beautiful vineyards.

In Langhorne Creek, there were signs asking people not to walk through the vineyards (in other wine regions, it’s sometimes OK), and we were respectful. When we got close to Lake Breeze, a friendly bike rider suggested we walk through and try some of the table grapes. “Are we allowed?” I asked. “I hope so. It’s my vineyard,” the gentleman told me. So Adam and I did as we were told and tasted some big, juicy, beautiful grapes straight off the vine. Delish!

Of course, then we had to go in and have the non-table grapes – the Lake Breeze wines. Again, a very pleasant tasting with a knowledgeable, friendly guy before moving upstairs for a fantastic long lunch.

Suffice it to say, it was not a productive evening back at Sherwood.  

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