Day 16: Kingston SE to Langhorne Creek

I’m not sure Adam has told my mother-in-law this one, yet. It was time to head to our next wine region, but not before we took Sherwood (our trusty four-wheel drive) for a spin on the beach!

Adam did some research and found out that we had beach access nearby and that it was 11 kilometres up the beach to the next exit point. Sure, the tide was coming in, but did that deter us? Nope.

The sand was actually very solid, so Adam had a go, and then it was my turn. (I was determined not to get bogged again.) We both found this drive very invigorating. But as the tide inched closer and closer to Sherwood’s tires, Adam started to get a bit nervous. I, conversely, was probably too confident that good ole Sherwood could double as a houseboat. Alas, we made it back onto solid ground, fist-pumping at our success.

We arrived in Langhorne Creek and set up camp (a free campground!) at Frank Potts Reserve, named for the founding father of wine for the region. His winery, Bleasdale, and two others – Kimbolton Wines and The Winehouse – were within easy walking distance of the campground. Was that planned? You decide.

(Of course, when you’re married to Adam, everywhere is within walking distance!)

And what do you know? There was still time before the cellar doors closed.

First stop – Kimbolton Wines, where they had a brand-new verandah overlooking the autumnal vineyard. I did a wine flight, while Adam enjoyed a glass (his preferred method of tasting).

Then we wandered next door to The Winehouse, a bit of a collective featuring the wines of several local winemakers and Meechi Brewing. So Adam had a beer while I sipped some Gypsie Jack wines.

We ended our winery walking tour at historic Bleasdale, where we drank still more wine and toured the beautiful old facility and saw the old red gum lever press.

Back at the campground, we lounged in the Adirondack chairs (much like the one Adam gave me for our balcony at home) and reflected on another great day.

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  1. It’s been so fun following your adventures! Amazing photos. Thanks for doing he blogging so we can all share in it with you! Be safe and well. 😘😘

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