Day 15: Carpenter Rocks to Kingston SE (Will’s Beach Shack)

We had a mellow morning of work (I am loving my client work at the moment!) after waking up to some wild weather in Carpenter Rocks. Whipping winds and rain overnight. We were very grateful to be in Sherwood and not a tent.

I am getting into a good routine of study, morning tea, and work in the mornings when I can.

Adam did some work, then went for a run, so I got a little bit of Kasey time (more study, more work, and a welcome short break from the delicate choreography of two people navigating inside a small campervan).

This afternoon, we kept moving north along the coast. We stopped for lunch in Meningie – I saw the words “Meningie Cheese Factory” and said, “It would be rude not to eat there.” Alas, the cheese factory had no cheese (!!!) – simply a tour of the old factory. However, the café next store offered crumbed camembert for me, so all was not lost. Adam had a mullet wrap of local mullet – so much better than the haircut!

After lunch, we wended our way through Robe – an incredibly quaint seaside town that gave me a good vibe straightaway and delivered spectacular scenery. An obelisk:

Seriously rugged coastline:

The funkiest modern lighthouse Adam or I had ever seen:

I had a serious twinge thinking we should spend more time in Robe and was sorry to put it in our rearview mirror.

But we had booked in at Will’s Beach Shack, a local guy’s campsite with direct access to the beach.

Came complete with a Gilligan’s Island-esque beach shower.  

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