Day 14: Mount Gambier >> Carpenter Rocks (by way of Port MacDonnell)

First things first! We are 14 days in today! So, those of you who wagered against us – that we wouldn’t make it on the road together two weeks (or even two days – you know who you are!) – you lose! Go ahead; pay out your money to one another! We have not killed each other yet, the ups have well and truly outweighed the downs of this adventure, and we are still aiming for nearly 10 weeks on the road all up.  

Anyway … today was a relatively quiet but scenic day. Our solo neighbour let us in on a nifty little campers’ secret: the cattle auction sales station up the road has free hot showers! (Not a sentence I ever thought I’d write or be excited about.) Sold! Off we went!

Clean and refreshed, we headed back in to Mt Gambier to take care of business: stock up on groceries (read: snacks), top up our water, fill up with fuel, and dump Sherwood’s toilet at the Dump Ezy. (This last one is soooo Adam’s job.)

With Sherwood ready for the next leg of the trip, we had another little look around downtown Mt Gambier. We stumbled onto another beautiful sinkhole: Cave Gardens.

Next, we’d begin our coastal journey up to Adelaide – and more wine regions. We made our way to Port MacDonnell, the southernmost point in South Australia. Clearly, an important photo op.  

Port MacDonnell was pretty quiet but had lovely rugged coastline, and we took a walk out on the breakwater.

Next arriving in Carpenter Rocks, Adam was upset by the vast South Australia school holiday crowds here:

That’s Sherwood there on the far left.

While Adam revelled in his isolation, I went for a little explore. The beach was stunning and very windy, but I anticipated a beautiful sunset. So off we headed to the nearby Rocks Tavern to have a drink with the locals – a friendly bunch (turns out, the bartender had been married at the Umpherston Sinkhole) before enjoying the sunset from a picnic table at the beach.

Then we retired to Sherwood for Adam’s spaghetti bol – I think our first “home-cooked” meal from the road – and it was indeed a taste of home.  

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  1. Bolnaise, I love Adam’s!!!
    This is an awesome blog, what a journey you two are on. Great memories that will last you forever.
    Safe travels?

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