About me

Kasey Clark is the founder and editor of The Hungry Expat. Kasey has been a magazine editor and writer since 1995 and a food-and-wine lover for about the same amount of time. Long gone are the days of her American childhood, when her diet did not extend beyond hot dogs, macaroni and cheese (known in Australia as “macaroni cheese”), and peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches.

Kasey has been in Sydney since June 2009, when she moved here to be with her Aussie husband. After 2½ years at Prevention magazine, a fabulous healthy-lifestyle mag for women over 40, and a year at MiNDFOOD magazine reading and writing about her favourite topics (especially food and travel), it was time to start her next venture—one all her own.

When she’s not blogging or attending events that nourish said blog (and often herself), she provides editorial and communications services on a contract basis, including top editing, sub editing/copy editing, article writing, editorial-workflow management, memoir writing, indexing, and fact-checking.

She specialises in writing lifestyle articles on such topics as food, wine, travel, and culture, as well as individual and company profiles.

She also consults on and writes business communications, such as company profiles, press releases, CVs/resumes, LinkedIn profiles, course and webinar descriptions, advertorials, and marketing materials. Additionally, she lectures and speaks on editorial principles and practices.

If you’re interested in using or finding out more about her services, please feel free to contact her at kasey@thehungryexpat.com or by phone at 0401 409824.\\

The Hungry Expat Editorial Offices:
24/48 Upper Pitt Street
Kirribilli, NSW 2061
0401 409 824
+61 (4) 401 409 824 (outside Australia)