Day 18: Langhorne Creek to Little Bosa (Port Elliot)

On our way out of Langhorne Creek, we popped back in to Bremerton, so I could pick up the new-release wine – Old Adam Shiraz (had to be done) – which was just released today! It’s a special one we’ll save for a special occasion.

Having nicely sipped our way through Langhorne Creek, we made our way to the coast and visited two lovely seaside towns: Strathalbyn and Goolwa.

Strathalbyne was a gorgeous little spot – beautifully manicured and quaint. We got meat pies for lunch at the bakery and ate them in the park.

Then we stocked up on groceries. (By groceries, I mean snacks!)

We pulled into Goolwa to use our first laundromat of the trip. It had electronic payment! Where was this when I was in college, scrounging for quarters? Where was this when I had my own apartment but had to get rolls of quarters from the bank before doing the laundry in the building across from mine? This was revolutionary! (This is the most excited you’ll ever see me about laundry, I assure you.)

I settled in to do some work in the laundromat while Adam went for a run and to scope out our surrounds.

“I have something to show you that you’re going to love,” he told me when he got back. Laundry clean, we hopped back into Sherwood and drove to the Goolwa Barrage. Seals everywhere! Sort of like Pier 39 in San Francisco but without all of the commercialism and any of the people!

I could’ve stayed there and watched them all day. Adam … happy to see me happy but also ready to move on.

Goolwa is also home to the Mouth of the Murray (almost as big as my Murray’s mouth!). So we took a drive out to where the river meets the sea.

And I stuck my toes in the Southern Ocean.

On Wikicamps, we read about Little Bosa campground and thought that sounded like the perfect place to park Sherwood – and us – for the night.  

What a campground! The owner has decked out his property with a host of different areas – a gin bar, a campfire, a band room (complete with guitars and drum set, if you were so inclined) – all outdoors. Apparently, he hosts music festivals here and puts up musicians driving through. Very cool. Would be fun to come back with a big group of friends.

Adam got the fire going, and the barbecue, so we had a sausage sizzle on the barbie and then roasted jumbo marshmallows, which I found at the last supermarket. A lovely end to another lovely day.

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  1. You may need to sort someone out… might be getting a but big headded on the items named after Murray…. hmmm

    I am loving this 😍❤️

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