Day 8: Silverton

OK, I have a bit of a girl crush on Silverton, little ghost town that it is. I really wanted to stay another day, so Adam humoured me. Schedule? What schedule?

In the morning, Adam went for a run, while I went to visit my new animal friends on Petah’s farm. Camels, donkeys, cows, geese, galahs, deer, goats, ostriches, and emus – oh my!

Five-month-old baby Yalella.
My favourite Aussie birds!
This baby alpaca was born today!!!

And, of course, Toto the emu:

Toto … not so much a fan of ours. He came at me – I gracefully ran screaming. Then he came at Adam, and a woman who’d been to the farm in the past and was familiar with Toto’s antics came to his rescue. (This would not be the last we’d see of Toto, who was pacing around the outside of Sherwood the next morning, just waiting to get a piece of Adam.)

When I dragged myself away from the animals – large stick in hand to protect myself from Toto – we finished our meander around historic Silverton, visiting the old schoolhouse, the café, the old gaol (jail), and other beautiful buildings in this schtick-y but charming ghost town.

Then joy of joys, we booked a camel ride back at the farm with Petah, Bentley, and Petah’s dogs. It’s fascinating to see how the camels stand up and crouch down. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me, though I’m not sure the camels felt the same way.

Our night ended back at the Silverton pub, where we had dinner; chatted for a bit with the owner; and met John, a fellow traveller. And what do you know? A foursome of wild donkeys moseyed on up to the door of the pub, head to tail, queued up awaiting their dinner. Apparently, this is a common occurrence. Just another day in the outback, folks.

2 thoughts on “Day 8: Silverton”

  1. Oh my gosh—- Toto the emu!!! I would have screamed just as loud and carried a stick just as big. The fact that he was preying on you outside the camper is unsettlingly hilarious.

  2. I snorted at Adam taking a run in Silverton.

    You’d easily be able to tracking him leaving and returning without craning your neck 😛

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