Day 29: Clare Valley >> Quorn

Bye bye wine regions! It’s been a slice of heaven! I really loved it and have fallen head over heels for South Australia. But there is so much more to see of this great state.

Next, we were heading to country South Australia, to visit with our friend Angus, who has recently traded his life in Sydney for a historic country pub in Quorn – the former Grand Junction Hotel.

On the way, we came across some more silo art.

In Quorn, apparently, the silo has no art, so every night, there is a light show to reflect art and stories on the Quorn silo. Coolly enough, the lightshow is visible from the balcony of Angus’s pub.

Angus is not actually operating it as a pub at the moment (and may never), but he is living in it with his trusty sidekick, Tanner the Kelpie.

Tanner was a bit on the crazy hyper side (my excitement over having a dog to play with did not help) but a very good boy nonetheless. We became fast friends.  

We know Angus from the Kirribilli Runners club, of which both Adam and Angus were members. I was excited to catch up with him and find out all about this tree change – how it came about, how he’s liking it, and what it’s like to live in a huge empty pub!

Angus does have several of the rooms made up for guests, and he graciously allowed us to pick one for the next two nights – our first nights not sleeping in Sherwood. In a real bed, where Adam didn’t have to climb over me to get to his side!  

When we arrived in Quorn, we visited the information centre in the lovely heritage railway station.

It held some more great advice for travellers:

Angus came across the road (his pub is just across from the railway station) with Tanner and led us back to his yard to park Sherwood. After a quick, awestruck tour of the pub (and picking out our room), we had happy hour with Angus in his very own pub. We had our pick of bars in which to drink! We chose the one with a fireplace, pool table, and darts.

Quorn used to be home to four operating pubs; another recently shut down, and now it’s down to just one: The Transcontinental, or “The Trans” as it identifies. So that’s where we went for dinner.

A great first day in Quorn, and let me reiterate: I got to sleep in a real bed.

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