Day 27: Clare Valley

Shock of shocks, there would be no wine tasting today. In the Clare Valley wine region. Today was supposed to be a dedicated and productive work day. So we moved from Farrell Flat to the fully equipped Discovery Campervan Park in the heart of Clare (the actual town of Clare, not the wine region).

If I’m honest, this was the first really crappy day of the trip. (Day 27 … not bad!) Our super-productive day was not to be. Something was still wrong with Sherwood’s battery charger, so we were not sure we’d have enough juice to power both of our laptops for the day. On top of that, Adam’s keyboard stopped working. When the tech guy’s technology is not working, it’s not good. The tech guy gets grumpy. And the non-tech gal is essentially helpless to assist. And is also grumpy.  

So, we went on a mission in Clare to find a new keyboard for Adam, ending up at an office-supply store. This took a while. The only “highlight” of the day? This …

Again, let me remind everyone that I highlight everything!!! (I wanted to buy this display!)

Just for reference, this was a spot-on Christmas gift from my sister-in-law Sara a couple of Christmases ago:

My mood lifted just a little. Adam’s didn’t.

Next, we went in search of a pub with power points/outlets from which we could work and have some lunch. Because now we were grumpy and hungry. There are three pubs in Clare: one at each end of town and one in the middle. We ended up at one of the end ones: The Bentleys Hotel. Great atmosphere, great food, and I actually managed to get some work done. Still, this was a less-than-stellar day for our spirits – and our work.

I think we should stick to wine tasting. And that’s back on the cards for tomorrow. Phew!

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