Day 23: Adelaide Hills

We woke up to another Adelaide Hills rainy morning, so I tried to be work-productive, even though it’s Saturday. I did some writing work, while Adam read in “the nest,” as I’ve come to think of the bed in Sherwood.

We showered in Sherwood, for lack of a better option. This is not easy, as Sherwood’s shower is tight and hard to maneuver in, and we have to be very limited in our water usage. Plus, you have to chamois the whole little room down afterward so the bathroom isn’t all wet. Meet the Sherwood shower:

Note: That is the toilet on the left, and the shower nozzle up above. The area is about 4 square feet.

The highlight of today was meeting up for lunch with our friend Dale Burgess, who has recently moved to Adelaide with his wife Gemma and their two pups. We know Dale and Gemma from Ballabourneen’s Feast of Winter long wine lunch in the Hunter Valley, where we bonded with them over wine and over a series of years at our friends’ Nat and Dan’s winery.  

Sadly, Gemma had to stay home with a recently-operated-on pup and couldn’t join us. Next time! (And there will be a next time; I love it here so much!) Dale graciously picked us up near our campground so we didn’t have a repeat of yesterday’s dampness, and again, we found a German pub in Hahndorf: the German Arms. Another pretzel!

After a lovely catch-up over lunch – we missed you, Gemma! – Dale dropped us at the campground, where we watched some kids play AFL (I do NOT understand this game) on the oval and retired early.

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