Day 10: Hopetoun

Today was more or less a driving day, making our way from Wentworth, New South Wales to Hopetoun, Victoria (yes, we finally crossed a state border!).

Here, we’re staying at a free campsite on Lake Lascelles – a beautiful spot where the sun is now setting behind me.

We made a few stops along the way – a rest stop to cut Adam’s hair (see before and after, below), another one at Ouyen so he could have a shower after his run, and yet another to look at the silo art:

This evening, we had a bit of a walk around the lake, then walked into the pub – the Hopetoun Community Hotel Motel, where the friendly locals were watching the footy (AFL, St Kilda vs Carlton) – after 14 years, I’m still lost with this game. It’s a quiet little town, but we feel very lucky to be at this quaint, friendly campsite.

I’ve had a bit of anxiety today. I’m finding it challenging to balance everything – work, sightseeing/doing, campervan “stuff,” this blog. I didn’t think I’d be as busy on this trip as I am at home, but I am. Everything takes a little bit longer. So the blog posts are actually going to lag a bit behind our experience of them. Sorry!

(Adam is currently trying to build our second fire of the trip, and it smells like burning Mexican food.)

Tomorrow, we will either head to Coonawarra (the first of many wine regions!) or stay one more day in Victoria. Ah, the flexible life.

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