I’m Hungry. Are you?

It was hunger that brought me to Australia 3½ years ago from Boston: hunger for love, certainly (my husband is an Aussie), but also hunger for travel, adventure, cultural enrichment, and one of life’s true great pleasures—food. Not to mention an accompanying thirst for knowledge—and good wine! I have been fortunate in that both my personal life and my professional lives have afforded me the opportunity to travel, but I still count myself a relative newbie to this country. There’s still so little I know, and so much I want to learn, and see, and taste, but I also hope the newbie in me can bring a fresh, unique perspective to an already crowded food-and-travel blogosphere.

Thus, I have launched The Hungry Expat. I am The Hungry Expat, and I’m hungry for more.

Here, you’ll find write-ups on restaurants, culinary events, fellow foodies, food-and-wine pairings, local drops, travel hotspots, movies (very excited about the upcoming Haute Cuisine), books, and more. My hope is that there will be bits and bites for everyone, whether you’re a casual eater-outer, a more astute diner, a local winemaker, a tourist, or just someone who happened upon my humble page.

And sometimes I’ll share my musings—culinary and otherwise—on what it’s like to be an American transplant in Australia. I hope you’ll find it entertaining, thought-provoking, and appetising. And I hope you’ll be part of the conversation. Thank you for visiting The Hungry Expat. Please come again. And feel free to leave a tip (in the form of a comment).