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A Wine, A Woman, and Almost a Song

As I mentioned on The Hungry Expat’s Facebook page, yesterday was National Sparkling Red Day here in Australia. I found out about this bubbly day through an industry newsletter but can find very little information about it outside other web forums such as this one. I will simply suspect marketing genius and leave it at that. After all, it’s an excuse to have a glass of wine, right? (As if we need another … )

So yesterday, I set out for my token celebratory glass of sparkling red at Tapavino on Bulletin Street, near Circular Quay in Sydney. Tapavino has only one sparkling red on its wine list, so my decision was an easy one: the NV Vilarnau Brut Rosé from Penendès, Spain. Described on the wine list as “light and clean with raspberry notes and a likable finish,” the drop lived up to its promise. It was a bright wine with a vibrant, beautiful raspberry colour. It had a gentle effervescence that almost had me singing “Tiny Bubbles” (the other patrons were spared), and its indeed likable flavour didn’t linger too long on the tongue.

According to Tapavino’s Frank Dilernia, the wine pairs well with the tapas bar’s jamon dishes and charcuterie. Or try it with the gravlax. Basically, he said to go for the salty, the fatty, the oily. (Twist my arm.)  And avoid the vinegary.

If you want to follow my lead, you can enjoy a glass at Tapavino for $11 or indulge in a bottle for $68. (In the interest of full disclosure, The Hungry Expat’s glass was on the house.)

Did you celebrate Sparkling Red Day? And even if you didn’t, do you have a favourite sparkling red?


4 thoughts on “A Wine, A Woman, and Almost a Song”

  1. Sounds so lovely, hadn’t heard of this special day before!
    I have always thought of Sparkling as a drink for the ladies, though I know several men who enjoy celebrating an occasion with a bubbly, as much as the lady drinking with him.
    Could the Red Day bring more men to bathe in the bubbles?

    I have two favourite Hunter Valley Sparkling Red’s now:
    – Stonehurst’s Sparkling Chambourcin &
    – Waverley Estate’s Sparkling Shiraz

    Mmm, I’m thirsty!

  2. Hey Mrs. Expat! Love your blog!!!

    My favorite sparkling red is Brown Brothers Sparkling Red. SO GOOD!

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